The Difference between Network Marketing and Internet Marketing

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There are many people who are under the impression that the Internet space, though vaster than imaginable, is all the same.  Tell them that there is something known as Internet marketing and there is something else known as network marketing and the two are not the same will be news to them.  We can assure them that the two have different methodologies and approaches to marketing.  The main difference is that in Internet marketing, nothing is done away from your computer, whereas in network marketing, besides using computers, many things can be done offline to promote your business.

Internet marketing is the selling of services and products using  the Internet. You can promote your products and services and also your affiliates’ domains and those of Joint Venture partners, if there are any. You want to always grow a list of email subscribers because one of the main promotional avenues is sending emails. This sending of emails has to be done with care. Too many of them could end up in the trash bin without being read. Relationships are created in the course of sales, but there is no team or group that is created to sell the products.

This viral marketing can use video clips, pointed advertisements, or eBooks to make the people linger long enough on the page and kindle their interest in the product or service. A member who makes a sale from anywhere in the world gets a commission.

There is no social interaction aspect to the marketing. Email is your main mode of contact, but you may also resort to sending newsletters that can have a professional look and finesse and impress the recipients

Therein lies the main difference. Network marketing is self-explanatory. You need to create a network of sales distributors who will be engaged in marketing  the company’s products. It is primarily a system of networks that have been perfected by MLM companies. A business opportunity is offered to whoever is interested in the website promoted by you. Anyone who is interested in earning some extra money can join in and start as a distributor or affiliate; thus a group of people is created and they all work towards one goal – the sale of  the MLM  product and they themselves make it a point of bringing in more sales people under their name.

Network marketers can make use of online and offline techniques to build their team. Phone calls on the Internet using facilities like Skype is possible now, but may not be as effective as traditional phones using landlines or cellular phones. The dial the number and speak routine cannot be employed here.  However, Skype will enhance your global business as you have a chance to meet people all over the world, no matter the time zone. Sizzle calls, meetup groups, attractive promotional postcards by snail mail are examples of offline marketing techniques.  You have many choices to figure out the best method for growing your business.

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