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Hi and Welcome to my Official Blog!  My name is Tammy McClure. I am a Success coach of network and internet marketing. On this site, you will find a variety of content such as social media, tips, personal development, and motivational quotes.

This blog is designed to simplify the process of internet and attraction marketing. Along the way, I hope to inspire you as well as develop a personal relationship with you. We have everything we need inside of us to live up to our greatest potential. We most live up to our potential when we can be of service to someone else. A little bit about me….

My Background

I attended college and graduated with a degree in Accounting. My last full time job in 2000 was a Tax Auditor for a local municipality.

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 18. I am network and internet marketer. I have owned or currently still operate in some capacity in the following businesses: Tax practice, vending machine owner, and real estate investing.

I have always been fascinated with creating turn key income. Earning income while doing what I love to do. I first started this quest with vending machines. I began my research for vending machines when I was a teenager and purchased a line of machines straight out of college. Although I still had to fill the machines, it was a great feeling that I was making money while doing other activities.

I have sold items on EBay and Amazon as well. Again the feeling of making money while you sleep is a beautiful thing.

So why network marketing…..

A friend invited me to take a look at her business opportunity and I was totally intrigued that I could make money doing something that I was already doing. I went online searching for help with my network marketing business. I came across internet marketing and found a whole new world and way of doing business. That was a tremendous eye opener about how to market online and I decided right then and there that I would master internet and attraction marketing.

I thrive on helping others build successful businesses and creating a personal development plan for themselves. I am committed to assisting people with a plan that will create financial freedom and live the lifestyle that they desire.

Outside of business, I am an avid reader, love to dance and travel. My family and friends love my homemade pound cake and chocolate chip cookies. I believe in attending personal development seminars. I have a few causes that I support, clean water, hunger and literacy. The two things that you will always find with me are a water bottle and a good book.

I believe we have everything we need inside of us to live up to our greatest potential. The genius inside of us is begging to be let out. We most live up to our potential when we can be of service to someone else.

That is my mission and it has served me well.

So if you are ready, connect with me and Let’s Build Wealth, create financial freedom and friendship together.  Subscribe to my blog and partner with me today.

To your success,