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14 April 2011  2 Comments

Eight Steps That Separate the Minority From The Majority In Business

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Are you in the game or in the bleachers when it comes to being a success in your business?

The top business people of the world follow several principals that puts them in the MINORITY, gives them the slight edge and separates them from the MAJORITY.

Here are eight tips to make sure you are part of the MINORITY.

1. Define your WHY. Have a why that is unstoppable. A why that makes you cry. A why that WOWS you.

2. Vision Board. Without a vision you will perish. Your dream will not be a reality until you remove it from your head and put it on paper. Create your vision board today.

3. Coaching & Mentoring Sessions. Partner with a great coach and then find a mentor. By doing so, you can shave several months or possibly years off of your learning curve.

4. Mastermind & Alliances. Two or more individuals coming together can accomplish more than either could alone. This can be a formal or informal group. Great reading – Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

5. Seminars & Live Events. The top minority always attend various events. They recognize that relationships and joint ventures are formed at these type of events. The minority also know that it’s the meeting after the meeting is where you forge deeper connections.

6. Books & Audio Tapes. Always a student is one of my own favorite quotes. Personal Development is imperative to your success. Books and audio tapes provide a great source for you to continue to elevate your mind and stay on course with your WHY and mission.

7. Charity. Give back to charity and other worthy causes. Many of the top minority combine forces and give on a grand scale.

8. Lastly, the top minority know it’s not the TOOLS that people are attracted to. It is YOU. People only do business with people they know like or trust.

The above steps are great steps to get started. Some will take more time than others but when combined together, you are unstoppable and you will be in the MINORITY.

See you at the Top!

Till next time, Live on Purpose and Make it Happen.