Internet Coach or Mentor – Which One Do You Need?

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Look anywhere on the internet and you will find someone who calls themselves a coach. You will see such title as Network Marketing Coach, Professional Success Coach, Internet Marketing Mentor.

So What is the Difference Between Coaching & Mentoring

The coach teaches you how to develop the skills you need for your industry or a specific task. The coach helps to improve the student’s performance. Coaching often is for a short period. Once the task is learned, often the coaching ends.

Mentoring is developing a long relationship over a period of time. The mentor helps the mentee to see the issues that are impacting his or her success. Mentoring involves developing for the future as well.

So Do You Need One or the Other?

You need both. A coach can teach you and share tips about Internet Marketing and Social Media and virtually help you shave off 18 –24 months of your learning time.

A mentor can help you to see your impact over time. Often times, the relationship starts off as coaching but develops into a mentor/mentee experience.

So let me give you the tips to make sure you partner with a great coach.

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.

Qualities you should be looking for:

1.    The coach is knowledgeable and can find the answer if they do not have the answer handy.

2.    The coach is resourceful. The coach has tools and or resources to help you get started or point you in the right direction.

3.    The coach is available and returns your phone calls. Be reasonable and do not waste his or her time.

4.    The coach has a coach/mentor. Any great coach will tell you that he or she learned from someone else.

At the end of the day, a coach or mentor means nothing if you don’t have the sheer determination to do what it takes to get to the finish line. Both can give you a blueprint, share tips and maybe give you the occasional pep talk but it will be YOU that will have to put your butt in gear and make it happen.

My challenge to my readers and to myself is to live on purpose and make it happen. Take it brick by brick to build the business you desire. Remember as you are building your business you also need a personal development plan (PDP). I will cover that in another article.

Till the next time……

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