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How Well Are You Building Relationships Online?

Social media gives you the ability to connect with influential people around the world and help you build powerful relationships online. The relationships you form while you are online can be some of the most profitable and helpful if you know how to cultivate the relationship. When you create dynamic online relationships you open the door to brainstorming together, assistance, joint ventures, masterminding, coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Your actions and conversations you have with people allow you to brand yourself. Are you someone who can be trusted? Are you supportive to other internet marketers? Do you offer value to the marketplace? Do you offer great customer service? What does your profile say about you? What type of post do you make to your social media walls. Are you always pitching your opportunity? All these things will get noticed and may open or close doors as you are  building relationships online.  Always give 100% to every email, Face Book, Twitter, blog  and video post. You never know what it may lead to.

Six great tips from a recent conference call on Building Relationships Online and Offline:

1. PATIENCE DON’T PUSH – Give people the space to say yes or no.  Let them move towards you. Fill your pipeline with so many people that you don’t get anxious when someone doesn’t call you back. The worst thing you can do is wait by the phone for someone to call you to tell you they are interested. Become an educator look for the people that give you permission to take the next step with them.

2. SEPARATE THE INVITATION FROM THE PRESENTATION – If someone asks you what you do, give them a 30 second HIGH LEVEL overview and if they express a little interest, tell them you will set up a time to meet or call them. Don’t present the business on the run or in the inbox. Building relationships online are never about throwing up in peoples inbox or automatically posting links everywhere.

3. YOU ARE CREATING MOMENTUM IN THE CONVERSATIONS YOU HAVE – People will watch you as you build your business . . . some will come around later. It’s all about THEIR timing and not yours. You’re planting seeds. You just don’t know when that one person will join you that will be a successful business builder. The conversations you have can create an invisible momentum that can take months or years to come to fruition. Be careful never to bash another Network Marketing Company. We are building relationships online not tearing down other network marketing companies.

4. YOUR SUCCESS ISN’T ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR COMP PLAN, OR YOUR UPLINE – If you don’t like the result you are getting, take a look at the energy you are sending out. Comp plans don’t make winners. Every company has big earners and lots of people that sign up and set their kit on the refrigerator waiting for money to fall from the sky. Your success is about your energy, who you attract and how you build relationships online and offline. There has never been a successful program where everyone makes money because 90% of the people aren’t willing to do any work. You want to be part of a system that rewards you for creating value with lots of people.

5. YOU TEND TO ATTRACT WHAT YOU BELIEVE - If you have doubts about network marketing, you’ll probably struggle because you’ll attract others that doubt. Again . . . it goes back to the energy you are sending out. If you believe in the dream you tend to attract others like you. If you are attracting lazy and unmotivated people, it’s important to really dig in to your personal development. Go back and read, The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki. When you doubt, others will doubt. When you believe, others will believe.

6. TO STAY POSITIVE YOU MUST STAY PLUGGED IN – We do live in a very negative world. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of negativity that’s all around us. Even if its 15-30 minutes a day, read from a personal development book or listen to a CD in your car.

7. BUILD YOUR RELATIONSHIPS ONLINE WITH INTEGRITY – Your reputation is never worth risking over a check or a promotion. A check is one time, but your integrity is forever. Protect it at all costs. Usually when you start making decisions that will benefit you and hurt others, it will come back to bite you on the butt. Don’t cut corners. When you build relationships online with integrity, in the long run you will always come out on top.

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