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13 December 2010  12 Comments

Do You Have A Winning Mindset

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Do You Have A Winning Mindset?

My twins who are six years old played in their very first Chess tournament this past Saturday. My husband and I didn’t want to get their hopes up too high. We said “this is your first tournament, you are going to learn, have fun, it doesn’t matter whether your win – we just want you to get some experience.”

My son says “mommy, it is not okay if I don’t bring a trophy home.”  Now of course, the mom in me didn’t want him to be let down in case he didn’t win a trophy. I said, “Let’s see what happens.” He told me I am coming home with a trophy.

Check him out, studying and concentrating on his next move.

Studying My Next Move

Now check him out. He did it; he came home with the trophy.  Simply because he believed in his mind and heart that he was a winner before he even set foot in the building. The take away is winning first starts in your head and heart and no matter whether you win or lose you will have started off with the right mindset and in the end you win.

My 1st Chess Tournament - I Won a Trophy!