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19 April 2011  No Comments

The Power of Creating a Mastermind Group

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Who has not heard of Napoleon Hill? And indeed, who has not heard of his classic Think and Grow Rich? The book, published in 1937, contains great ideas that have made their impact upon the whole world all through these years and are relevant even today.

Masterminding is two or more individuals coming together to accomplish more than either could alone. The thought is working together creates harmony and purposeful relationships. This group helps to bring out your creative genius and expand your ideas into greatness.

The secret sauce is that each one knows that the ultimate aim is to reach your destination by brainstorming, supporting ideas that need support but at the same time offering constructive criticism.

Each member should remember that it is the group to which the agenda belongs. All members are expected to participate in order to move the group to new heights.

A sincere mastermind group offers experience to members. Your ability to grow and become a better individual in your personal and business life is highly likely. This is assuming that like minded people are coming together. The greatest asset that you have is a ready-made support network. Other benefits include: confidence builder, accountability partners, and feedback.

Who can create a successful mastermind group?

People who see themselves as:

• interacting with people of similar interests and skills.

• committed to a give and take relationship.

• laser focused and goal oriented

• passionate about taking their success to the next level

• committed to the cause to help and be helped.

Your mastermind group does not have to be formal. Many of you are probably part of a powerful group but have not officially formed or titled your group. Examples: military groups, book clubs, mom or dad groups, other support groups. All of these groups can be formed into more powerful alliances at any given time.

Initially, the ideal number of members should not be more than 6. New members can be admitted, provided they meet the quality standards that should be in place. It is recommended that new members have the approval of all the existing members. A membership fee can be imposed.

Questions to ask potential members of your mastermind group:

1. Are you committed to your own goals?

2. Are you willing to commit to helping others reach their goals?

3. Will you commit to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings?

4. What skills have you developed that will benefit the group?

5. What skills can the group provide to you to assist in your endeavors?

Ways to meet:

Mastermind groups can meet in person, on the telephone, or by tele-conferencing. During the meeting, each member should update the group on what has happened since the last meeting, including new opportunities or obstacles. Have members ask for resources if needed at this time.

Great resource to create your own Mastermind Group:

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