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22 April 2011  No Comments

Why You Should Consider Multi Level Marketing

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The MLM industry, or Multi Level Marketing industry has created multi-millionaires and given some people a lifestyle that most people have never experienced.

There are many people who mistakenly believe that this type of business is a pyramid or that you can’t make money.

If you attend a J.O.B. every day, you are in one of the greatest pyramid systems in the world unless you are a president. Let’s see how this works to make this crystal clear.

Boss – CEO

Employee – You

YOU never make it to the top. You never can make more money than the boss. Hmm, this seems like a pyramid to me.

Let’s be clear there are scams and schemes out there. However, there are also a large number of businesses in which you can make consistent regular income from home using MLM. I have friends who sell everything from pills, candles, greeting cards, juice, gold and silver, video services, legal services, body garments and many more products and services.  You name it and there is something out here for anyone who is interested in making additional or replacing income. The key is finding a product that moves you and one that you can easily share with prospective distributors and customers.

How does this industry work?

You are helping to sell a product or service to individuals who will make purchases on a monthly basis. In doing so, you earn a commission each month from their purchase.  A huge plus is that you can earn residual income, month after month, with each sign up you get.

Usually there are two ways to earn money. First, you sign individuals up to make a monthly purchase each month. For example, they may make a purchase of $40 a month in vitamins. You receive a portion of each monthly purchase they make. In addition to this, you help others who wish to be in this industry to sign up to work with you. You can create tiers of people working under you, all of which you earn an income from.  This is where so many people get tripped up on the “pyramid thing.”

Example – Paul joins Pam’s business.  Paul signs up under Pam. Paul then begins to sign up new customers. All of those customers he sells to on a monthly basis are commissions for Pam, too.

Let’s take a consumer product such as a cell phone. The cell phone company needs to distribute cell phones around the world. They open a store, make commercials, hire employees and those employees sell or in MLM terms distribute the phones to the customers that come into the store and makes a purchase. Therein lies the difference, in the MLM industry there is no brick and mortar building. Your brick and mortar business is home based. There are no employees only distributors. There are no commercials. The MLM distributor is moving the product and service and in essence, is creating interest for the product. The MLM is able to pay distributors handsomely because they have eliminated advertising cost.

The majority of the profits go to the cell phone company in a traditional business. If you are in the MLM industry, YOU the distributor would enjoy the commissions based off of your efforts and your team’s efforts. That right there alone, is why you should consider multi level marketing.

Think of this industry as a two-fold mission. 1.) You are helping to promote a product or service you believe in 2.) You are able to help others who are looking for an at home business gain financial freedom and time to do the things that they love to do.

Remember people only do business with people who they know, like or trust. So although the product might be great, if you don’t do a great job of representing yourself, people will buy from the person that they feel most comfortable with. At the end of the day, it’s how you make people feel.

The keys to doing well in this industry are: be coachable, flexible, plug into trainings and conference calls and attend live events. Most important – never give up on your dream of having your own business.

If MLM sounds like a good home based business for you, you will be happy to know that virtually all of the tasks can be done at home, often in your PJs.

Till the next time,

Live on purpose and make it happen