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26 April 2011  No Comments

Are You Wasting Your Time In Your Network Marketing Business?

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If you answer YES to the following statements, you probably are wasting your time.

You want to be a millionaire overnight

Is your product one that is in demand? Can you see yourself sharing the benefits of the product? Make sure you believe in the product.  Stay passionate and continue to prospect. The money will follow.

You want to quit your job the day you sign up

A realistic plan is to quit your “day job” when your network marketing income matches or doubles your current income. Obviously there are exceptions to this statement such as you have additional income support.

You believe your family and friends will happily join your business

They may sign up but most will not work the business. Many will run from you if you have approached them about multiple opportunities. Continue to love your family and friends even if they don’t join. Like minded people are who you want to attract as business partners.

You are selling the business

Selling the business is not duplicable. Most people are not natural salespeople. People don’t like being sold. Offer a solution to people’s problems and you will gain customers and distributors.

You are emotionally attached to the word NO

I am not guilty of this statement. The NOs I handle well because I knew exactly where that person stands. However I was and occasionally still am emotionally attached to the fence sitters or the people that promise to sign up next payday, after the light bill is paid. You know the stories. Then you never hear back from the people. Spending time feeling down about this is wasted energy and robs you of the potential all around you. Go for Yes or NO.

Most prospects are saying NO to the opportunity not YOU. The timing may be bad for your prospect. The NO may turn into a yes in the future.

You freeze up when someone asks if this is a PYRAMID.

Tell them upfront that it is network marketing or MLM. Ask them if they are looking for a PYRAMID to join. Most people don’t realize that their J.O.B. is one of the greatest PYRAMID structures. There is nothing wrong with a job just most people don’t realize unless they are the CEO they are on the bottom of their job’s structure or PYRAMID :-) Be confident and proud of what you do.

You are trying to turn WHINERS into WINNERS

Enough said on this one.

Realize that network marketing requires work. Be realistic about the time you have to work your business. Set goals. Be defined by your expectations and no one else’s. Keep forging ahead and remember you have the solution that millions of customers and business builders want and need.

Till the next….Live on Purpose and Make it Happen